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About Us

We passionately believe that creativity is essential for the holistic development of any individual.


Lighthouse is an Art and Craft Resource Centre, which promotes the use of ART in every aspect of our lives. Our mission is to achieve this through innovative art and craft content, processes and products for all segments.


We specialize in the conception and production of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activity kits, orchestrating engaging art and craft events, and furnishing comprehensive curriculum for educational institutions and schools.


Lighthouse has a focused practice of working with corporate clients, leveraging its core knowledge of art and craft in the areas of both gifts and art workshops.


Our dedication to promoting art and craft transcends traditional boundaries, aiming to inspire and empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds. By providing an array of artistic resources and experiences, Lighthouse endeavors to kindle a passion for creativity that endures a lifetime. Embracing innovation, inclusivity, and a profound appreciation for artistic expression, we aim to illuminate the world with the transformative power of art.


We believe that art is a fundamental human expression that has the power to inspire, connect, and transform individuals and communities.
Our mission is to make the benefits of art accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or physical ability.

We are driven by a passion for art and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We offer a range of educational kits and programs designed to deepen understanding and engagement with art.

Given our formal background in art, our work enriches lives and contributes to a more vibrant and culturally rich society.

To inspire, cultivate, and empower creativity in individuals and organisations around the world. We believe that creativity is a fundamental human trait that has the power to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and bring about positive change.

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